Are you interested in genetics and epigenetics? Are you interested in living a healthy and natural lifestyle? Circadian genes turn on and off on a daily basis. My newsletter is about the things we experience (and do) that influence these circadian rhythms.

In other words, it’s about the science of living in time with nature’s rhythms.

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Circadian Skincare
Hi, When I was a teen, I suffered from acne and exzema. In my twenties I additionally suffered hyperpigmentation from pregnancy and allergic contact dermatitis. Truth be told, I still suffer from an occasional pimple or two, but the other 3 conditions rarely trouble me at all anymore! Woohoo…
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Naturally Natural
New circadian info for your industry.
Hi, Who needs to understand circadian rhythms? And where is all this information coming from? I started learning about circadian rhythms when I was suffering from rashes that wouldn't go away, and I wrote that story here: That embarrassing story has been one of my most well-read ones so far! But circadian health turns out to be a much bigger story than my own little woes…
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Naturally Natural
Skin protects itself.
Sunscreen blocks most Vitamin D production. Therefore, sunscreen isn’t compatible with a sunbathing-rich circadian lifestyle. But how can we make sure not to get sunburned? I've had a lot of positive feedback from my post about the app Dminder, and thought I would follow up with even more of the research about how the skin adapts to solar exposure. I’d love to hear what you think! Feel free to login and start the discussion…
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Nikko Fujita
Postpartum Doula and Student Midwife with pre-med B.S. in Biology and Psychology from the University of Oregon. I write about circadian rhythms and tuning the ambient environment for greater well-being.