Improve your genomešŸ§¬

You've heard about circadian fasting; here's a bigger picture.


Circadian fasting is a popular topic these days, and for good reason! Fasting for the 2.5 hours before bedtimešŸ› (and through the full sleep windowšŸ˜“) improves body composition. You can boost this effect by also:

  • resting (not exercising)

  • dimming the lights (less than <3.0 lux, or <1.0 lux for more light-sensitive peopleā€”thatā€™s as bright as the full moon, or a single candle flame)

These "fasts" from food, exercise, and light work by synchronizing circadian rhythms. This in turn changes the genome itself to express in healthier ways. Check out the research here: Circadian rhythms, food timing and obesity (2016).

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Have you ever tried circadian fasting?