Cool weather sunbathingšŸŒ„

As the days get shorter, there are still benefits to getting outside.


I hope your Fall seasonšŸƒis off to a great startšŸš€! Today's natural living tip is that this is a great time to... sunbathe!? Yes, it turns out that exposing skin to low-intensity sunlight has many benefits. For example:

  • solar preconditioning early in the morning gives up to SPF 15 protection for the rest of the day

  • infrared light boosts collagen production in the skin (goodbye wrinkles!)

  • any amount of light boosts availability of ATP energy in the skin

  • solar post-conditioning in the evening speeds up healing of any skin damage from the day

  • cool weather releases feel-good endorphins

So, even though you can't get Vitamin D when the sunlight is low in the sky, you should still get out!

Read the full review here: Infrared and Skin: Friend or Foe? (2015)

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