Rhythmicity from the start👶

🪶 I am an antioxidant synthesized in darkness from tryptophan and serotonin. What am I?


I have been wanting to share today's review for a long time. I learned a ton about melatonin from this paper, such as how it:

  • is a more powerful antioxidant than vitamin C and vitamin E

  • protects ova and sperm from damage

  • is suppressed in mothers with pre-eclampsia and eclampsia

  • protects mothers from long-term damage from pregnancy-induced high blood pressure

  • through circadian rhythmicity, may protect babies from adverse outcomes including metabolic disorder, obesity, adhd and autism spectrum disorders

  • and so much more

Circadian Rhythm and Melatonin

The circadian rhythm controls melatonin cycles. If you remember from Useful Jargon, endo/exo pathways are important to consider! In the body, melatonin naturally rises in the night, but only in darkness. The modern lifestyle tends to provide about 16 hours of blue-enriched artificial light. This is far too much and is the #1 reason about 99% of people in the USA are suffering from disruption1.

This review highlights the special need for future-parents to restore nighttime darkness.

Read the review here: Melatonin and stable circadian rhythms optimize maternal, placental and fetal physiology (2013).

That's all for today, but you can always review the archive at nikkofujita.substack.com. I will send more research about natural light cycles in my upcoming emails📩.

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P.S. The answer to the "Who am I?"question is, of course, melatonin.

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