Save a life 🌟

What does the full moon have in common with a single candle flame?


Most of us know someone who suffers from mental illness, and count ourselves fortunate if we ourselves don't suffer. I read a paper linking nighttime light pollution to these rising illnesses, and want to share it far and wide, because it offers a freely available salve: nighttime darkness.

Here’s the link: Circadian disruption and mental health (2020).

That's all for today, but you can always review the archive at I will share more about the science of nighttime darkness🌌 in my upcoming emails📩.

Have you ever heard about the importance of darker nights? I’d love to hear about it!



P.S. The answer to the riddle is that at night, neither a single candle flame🕯 or the full moon🌕 cause circadian disruption.