Research Thread about Cancer

Circadian rhythmicity comes up in cancer research pretty often. Here are some examples I have read recently:

Restoration of circadian rhythms and abnormally expressed circadian genes might be a possible therapeutic target for the prevention and treatment of cancer.” Quoted from the Hindawi Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity Journal (2021).

Read paper from Hindawi (2021)

Tumor tissues often escape from the circadian control responsible for synchronization.” Quoted from Cancer as a Driver for Systems Chronotherapeutics in Pharmacological Reviews (2017).

Read paper from Pharm. Reviews (2017)

Organizing our lifestyle according to environmental cues and daily biological rhythms can be a preventative factor that opposes cancer.” Quoted from the Chinese Journal of Cancer (2015).

Read Paper from Chin J Cancer (2015)

Do you have any questions, experiences, or resources about cancer and circadian rhythms? I’d love to know!